WhatsApp Business API Pricing Calculator

Businesses are billed for 24-hour conversations, covering all messages with customers. Rates vary by category; use WatMark'a calculator to estimate monthly charges.

Calculate your WhatsApp Business messaging costs

To initiate a conversation with a customer, businesses must use a template message. Conversation categories and charges will be determined by the template category.

Meta rates are listed, but charges may vary due to exchange rates and gateway fees across BSPs.

Message templates: how are they classified?

  • Product Updates, Order Confirmation, Shipping Update, Appointment Reminders, Account Verification

  • fostering meaningful interactions between businesses and their customers.

  • Templates that share contact information. They can be used to provide contact details for customer support or other inquiries.

  • Facilitating the sending of bulk messages to customers or clients through the WhatsApp Business API.

  • Allowing businesses to automate certain messaging tasks, such as sending updates, alerts, or notifications.

  • Simplifying the creation, organization, and management of message templates, ensuring compliance with WhatsApp's guidelines.

  • Assisting businesses in creating, organizing, and managing message templates for use in their communication.

  • Allowing businesses to categorize and target specific groups of users with personalized messages.

  • Enabling the simultaneous delivery of messages to multiple recipients using the WhatsApp Business API.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our product or service in our comprehensive FAQ section.

WhatsApp API integration is primarily facilitated through the WhatsApp Business API. The WhatsApp Business API allows businesses to connect their systems and applications with the WhatsApp platform, enabling them to send and receive messages at scale. To use the WhatsApp Business API, businesses typically need to partner with a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider. These are third-party companies that have been approved by WhatsApp to provide services related to the integration and management of the WhatsApp Business API. .

WatMark supports unlimited team member logins in any pricing plan that we offer. You can add as many team members as you need for your business.

Businesses that have been granted the Official Business Account (OBA) status on WhatsApp, get a green tick besides their business name. This is visible in the display name of your contact number even if your WhatsApp business number is not explicitly saved by your users. As WatMark is built on an official WhatsApp Business platform, we can apply for the WhatsApp green tick on your behalf for free, once you have moved to paid subscription with WatMark. However, we can not influence WhatsApp's decision with regard to approving your green tick verification. Their decision in this regard would be final. Multiple factors such as brand credibility, your following on social media, listing in external media and your domain ranking can influence your green tick approval. To request for a green tick verification, you can simply connect with our support team and send in a request. It normally takes about 3 business days to get the approval. Once your request for the green tick is approved, your number will automatically be displayed as your business name, to your users along with the green tick. This will show that your business is verified. If your application for the green tick is rejected, it does not impact your ability to use WatMark or WhatsApp business API.

When it comes to selecting a number to be used for WatMark, you can use any valid number that can receive an OTP via SMS or a voice call. This could be a virtual number or a regular SIM number. If you have an existing WhatsApp API account with some provider, you can now migrate it to WatMark.

To explore and leverage the WhatsApp Business API in India, you can consider using WatMark, a comprehensive solution that integrates seamlessly with WhatsApp. WatMark offers a user-friendly website and application designed to enhance your communication strategies, marketing efforts, and customer service. To get started, visit the WatMark website at www.watmark.com or download the WatMark application from your app store. The platform provides a range of features, including WhatsApp Business API integration, to help businesses in India and beyond optimize their communication channels, streamline marketing efforts, and improve customer service. Always ensure that you comply with WhatsApp's policies and guidelines when using the WhatsApp Business API to maintain a smooth and compliant messaging experience for your customers.