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Our vision is to help businesses create a better business by meeting their customers where they are: On these messging platforms. this will increase accessibility. personalizing, and engagement.

with WatMark, you can send individualized notifications directly from your system in a programmatic way with a simple and easy-to-use conventional platform thats built on WhatsApp Business API focus on their core business while improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. This also results in more efficient communication and increased productivity.

powerfull features

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WhatsApp eCommerce

WhatsApp eCommerce transforms your messaging app into a seamless storefront. Explore products, make purchases, and receive personalized shopping experiences directly within WhatsApp, offering a convenient and interactive way to shop online..

Quick Replies, Agent Assignment, Tags & more

Experience enhanced customer engagement with our feature-rich platform. Enjoy the convenience of Quick Replies for prompt responses, seamless Agent Assignment to efficiently manage workload, and Tags for easy organization. Elevate your customer support with these and more features designed to streamline communication and boost productivity.

WhatsApp CRM

WhatsApp CRM simplifies customer engagement by leveraging WhatsApp's messaging platform. Streamline interactions, automate responses, and build stronger connections with ease.

Shared Team Inbox

Centralized Communication: WatMark's Shared Team Inbox consolidates all incoming messages, ensuring a centralized hub for team communication

Bulk WhatsApp messaging & campaign

WatMark's Campaign Management feature provides a user-friendly interface for creating and launching marketing campaigns.

Easy setup

End to End Business Platform, Sales Management, Marketing Automation, Help Desk